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JAN 2924 Hours of Lasers and Energy-Based Devices


NOV 8Virtual Team NPF Walk in Orange County 2020


JAN 11Skin Cancer Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics Joint Retreat


DEC 26No Grand Rounds for December | Happy Holidays!
NOV 28Grand Rounds
OCT 24Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Wilma Bergfeld
SEPT 27Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Todd Ridky
AUG 22Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Tim Berger
SEPT 14UC Irvine 2nd Annual Skin Symposium
JUL 25Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Lilit Garibyan
JUN 27Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | David Swanson
MAY 23Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Steve Feldman
MAR 28Grand Rounds | Dowling Club Speaker | Abrar Qureshi


SEPT 27Grand Rounds | Dermatomyostis | Speaker Dr. Sheetal Desai
SEPT 15IPPF Patient Conference | Hosted by Dr. Sergei Grando & Dr. Joel Laudenbach
AUG 23Vasculitis and the Dermatologist: General approach, pitfalls, and pearls
AUG 09Department of Dermatology Grand Rounds | Moderator: Hege Grande Sarpa, MD


OCT 26Whitney High, MD, JD, MEng, discusses medicolegal aspects of dermatology and dermatopathology.
SEPT 28Shaista Malik, MD, PhD, MPH, talks about shifting the focus from illness to wellness.
AUG 24David Peng, MD, MPH, chairman of Dermatology at USC, discusses severe cutaneous drug reactions.
JUL 27Dr. Jill Waibel of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute presents on "Laser and Light for Medical Applications in Dermatology."
JUN 22Department of Dermatology volunteer faculty member Dr. Michelle Aszterbaum discusses confocal microscopy.
MAY 25Dr. Bernice Krafchik from University of Toronto will speak on great cases from Canada.
APR 27Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi from Henry Ford Hospital to discuss optimizing the management of vitiligo patients.
MAR 23Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown to present on treatment options for mycosis fungoides.
FEB 24Dr. Alice Pentland of Rochester University presents "Role of Prostaglandins in SCC Photocarcinogenesis."


OCT 28Dr. Lindy Fox of UCSF presents "Inpatient Dermatology– From Morphology to Management" at Grand Rounds.
JUL 18The Department of Dermatology hosts a full day, CME-accredited conference, "Dermatology for Primary Care Providers"
JUN 24Dr. Warren Piette of Cook County Hospital and Rush Medical University to lecture on pupura, vasculitis, and occlusion.
MAY 27Dr. Maria Hordinsky of Minnesota University discusses Alopecia Areata, Lichen Plano Pilaris and Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.
APR 22Stanford University School of Medicine's Dr. Alfred Lane to lecture on new therapies for genetic skin diseases.
MAR 25Dr. Vladimir Botchkarev of Boston University School of Medicine to lecture at Grand Rounds.
FEB 25Dr. Lynn Drake from Harvard Medical School discusses hair thinning in women.
JAN 28Dr. Ron Rapini from University of Texas Medical School and MD Anderson Cancer Center presents "Bad things happened".


OCT 22Dr. Iris Ahronowitz, third year resident at UCSF, discusses "Viruses on the Move: Measles, Dengue, Chikungunya" at Grand Rounds.
SEP 24Yale University School of Medicine's Dr. Mary Tomayko to lecture on B cell depletion in pemphigus.
AUG 27The Department of Dermatology presents Grand Rounds with guest speaker Dr. Elliot Botvinick.
JUL 23AXIS Medical Education presents "Maximizing Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis" with speaker Dr. Andrew Blauvelt.
APR 23UCSF's Dr. Jack Resneck presents "Dermatology's Future in an Era of Healthcare Reform" at Grand Rounds.
MAR 26University of Michigan's Dr. Johann E. Gudjonsson discusses the Immunobiology and genetics of psoriasis.
FEB 26Dr. Jeffrey Callen from University of Louisville presents "Pyoderma Gangrenosum" at Grand Rounds.
JAN 22Indiana University's Dr. Stephen E. Wolverton discusses current controversies over drug therapies for skin diseases.


NOV 27Dr. Christopher Zachary to present "Choosing Devices for Vascular Lesions" at Grand Rounds.
OCT 23Dr. Barbara A. Gilchrest to present "Telomeres and Skin Aging: From Conceptual Framework to Molecular Mechanisms" at Grand Rounds
SEPT 25UC Irvine Dermatology Grand Rounds will be held at Beckman Laser Institute
JULY 24Dr. Fu-Tong Liu from UC Davis to present "Glycobiology and the Skin" at Grand Rounds
APR 1510th Annual Hack n' Smack Kerry Daveline Memorial Golf Classic will raise funds for Department of Dermatology


AUG 01The Dermatology Center moves to Gottschalk Plaza on the university campus in Irvine.
APR 309th Annual Actors Network Melanoma fund raiser Celebrity Golf Tournament: "Hack n Smack"
MAR 16-20Dr. Sergei Grando to lead panel discussion at 70th AAD meeting: "Paraneoplastic Autoimmune Multi-organ Syndrome"
MAR 16-20Dr. Christopher Zachary to lead symposium at 70th AAD meeting "Fractional Ablative Resurfacing"
FEB 19-24Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at Hawaii Derm : "Procedural and Aesthetic Medicine II"
FEB 14Happy Valentines Day: Quotes for your day
FEB 1-3Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at: 8th World Conference of Cosmetic Dermatology: “Symposium Fundaments of Laser Equipment”


DEC 01Dr. Christopher Zachary to present Webinar 5PM PAC: Plasma Technology Portrait PSR3 TM.
DEC 1-3Dr. Ronald Harris to speak at Second World AIDS Day in Beijing, China Dec 1-3
NOV 12Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at: Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar " "What Constitutes Skin Tightening? "
OCT 29Dr. Soung to Speak: UC Irvine Gross Hall "Psoriasis Today and Tomorrow."
SEPT 21-24Dr. Anand Ganesan to speak at the International Pigment Cell Conference in Bordeaux France : Melanoma translational research
SEPT 1-3Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at 5-Continent-Congress – Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine, Cannes, France
AUG 25Dr. Sergei Grando to speak at International Symposium on Non-neuronal Acetylcholine
AUG 24Dr. Anand Ganesan to speak at American Cancer Society event in Irvine CA: Research + Funding = Hope
AUG 11-14Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at Controversies and Conversations in Laser Surgery: “Traser – Total Reflection Amplification of Spontaneous Emission of Radiation”
AUG  3-7Dr. Janellen Smith to speak at AAD Washington DC
AUG 4Dr. Sergei Grando to speak at American Academy of Dermatology: Smoking and the skin
JULY 06-09Dr. Ronald Harris to speak at International Health Seminar, at the College of Health Sciences in Ghana
JUL 6-9Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak to the European Hair Research Society: “Hirsutism and Hair Removal"
JUN 9-11Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak at the Summit in Aesthetic Medicine 2011™
MAY 24UC Irvine Dermatology residents host "LA Metro Derm" at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles.
MAY 24UC Irvine Dermatology presents at UC Irvine's Clinical, Basic and Translational Science Festival.
MAY 17-20Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak: British Laser Society: “Disasters and Cries for Help”,
APR 18The eighth annual Hack 'n' Smack celebrity golf tournament honoring Kerry Daveline will benefit melanoma research and UC Irvine's Department of Dermatology.
APR 20Orange County Dermatology Society Grand Rounds meeting: RSVP to Dr. Anne Marie McNeill at
MAR  12Dr. Soung: Speaking at UC Irvine 4th Floor, Balboa Island A Room 9:00- Psoriasis and your treatment options
MAR Dr. Christopher Zachary: Speaking Anti-Aging World Congress, Monaco : "USA Special - Dermatological Procedures", & "The Great Question in Aesthetic Treatments for Fat"
FEB  08Dr. Christopher Zachary: Speaking at AAD - C031 - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics
FEB 07Dr. Christopher Zachary: Speaking at AAD C021 - Intermediate Cosmetic Surgery "Dont but that device! Lasers: what you really need and how to accomplish it cost effectively.
FEB 04Dr. Arisa Ortiz: Speaking at AAD S007 Gross and Microscopic Dermatology Symposium at 12:40-12:44. "An unusual presentation of relapsing polychondritis".
FEB 04Dr. Sergei Grando to speak at the AAD U037 "Paraneoplastic Autoimmune Multi-organ Syndrome".
FEB 03Dr. Nazanin Saedi: AAD Presenting Hyperpigmentation in darker skinned patients.
JAN 28Skin Check: Dr. Christopher Zachary and Dr. Jenny Soung will be visiting Jacobson Electric campus in La Palma and providing skin checks to their staff as a community service January 28th, 2011.


OCT 12Dr. Ronald Harris: “Melanoma Genomics Update 2010” UC Irvine Health Douglas Hospital – 3rd Floor Colloquium 12 noon - 1:00 pm
OCT 08Dr. Christopher Zachary: "Nerve Block & Topical Anesthetics", "Fractional Laser Treatments"
SEP 14Dr. Christopher Zachary: “Advances and Controversies in Body Shaping”, “Cryolipolysis and Radiofrequency as Selective Agent for Localized Fat Reduction”, “Advances and Controversies in Skin Tightening”, “Radiofrequency and its Role in Tissue Tightening”, “Advances and Controversies in Fractional Lasers”, “The Science of Fractionated Ablative Surgery”, “Advances and Controversies in the Treatment of Scars”
JUL 27Dr. Margaret Mann: Varicose Veins-- what every patient should know; 1-2 p.m. Florence Sylvester Senior Center in Laguna Hills, California
JUN 16Dr. Christopher Zachary discusses new technologies at ASLMS Les Journees Parisiennes du laser.
JUN 14Dr. Margaret Mann: Management of Common Venous Diseases. THE UCI FAMILY MEDICINE UPDATE COURSE
JUN 11Skin Checks: UC Irvine Medical Center Wellness event 11 am - 1 pm, at lawn next to building 55
MAY 22Dr. Christopher Zachary to speak about technology innovation in plastic surgery (TIPS Conference) "Differences Among Resurfacing Technologies?"