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We offer a variety of ongoing and upcoming research studies with several opportunities for participant recruitment.

Before electing to participate in a clinical trial, it’s important to understand the research process and your role in the study. Our staff is available to answer your questions and to discuss any concerns you may have with enrolling in one of our studies. Below you can find potential risks and benefits associated with participation in clinical trials.

  • Participating in a Trial
  • Benefits
  • Risks and other considerations

If you are interested in learning more about our current research or have further questions regarding your participation in a study, please call (949) 824-7103 or join our registry.


  • Several studies offer novel therapies that are not yet available to patients. In some cases, these emerging treatments are anticipated to be more effective or have fewer side effects than current standards of treatment, and are being evaluated for approval to be sold or prescribed. Participation may provide access to treatments and therapies that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • The therapies under investigation may be provided for free or a negligible cost. In addition, some studies may offer modest compensation to its participants or even reimburse you for travel expenses. Most studies are free with the possibility of additional compensation, but it is important to clarify exactly what you should expect to gain before enrolling in a study.
  • Participation in a study offers individualized interaction with a qualified investigator. Personalized medical attention will be available for your particular dermatology condition.
  • Your participation in a study may help advance medical research and expedite the approval of novel and effective therapies. Many participants believe that their participation in a study had a positive impact on health, science and society.
  • Our team of caring investigators, coordinators and staff are committed to quality patient care. The safety of our participants is always the top priority. Before enrolling in a study, you will have ample opportunity to have your questions and concerns addressed, and fully informed consent is received from all patients before enrollment. Participation is completely voluntary, and you may choose at any point to end your participation in a study.

Risks and other considerations:

  • All reasonable efforts are made to ensure patient safety both before and during the course of the study, but adverse events may still occur. Studies are rigorously monitored to prevent these events and to promptly address any health concerns with appropriate medical attention, but the possibility of a mild or serious side effect is an important possibility to consider.
  • The treatment under investigation might not work for you, even if it works for other patients.
  • Participation often requires frequent visits to the UCI Dermatology Center. Continuing in a study may require regular attendance, so it is important to consider if engaging in a study will suit your schedule.
  • Randomization occurs in many studies. This means that neither you nor the research team has control over what type of treatment you might receive. Studies often investigate the effects of a treatment compared to a placebo or another existing treatment, so it is not guaranteed that you will be placed in the study group of your choice.