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Cindi Raissen Opdyke, left, at her wedding to Bryan Opdyke

Surviving melanoma to help others

Cindi Raissen Opdyke wasn’t too concerned when her general practitioner removed a suspicious-looking mole from her left thigh. She was 21 and busy with school, friends and making plans for the future. A year later, however, a golf-ball sized lump formed in the same spot, and a biopsy showed it the tumor was an advanced melanoma — the most dangerous form of skin cancer.


Woman uses a do-it-yourself microneedling tool to improve skin texture.

Red-light therapy, dermaplaning and microneedling: Are they safe?

UC Irvine Health dermatologist Dr. Natasha Mesinkovska says red-light therapy, dermaplaning and microneedling home tools can be a good alternative to expensive salon treatments.


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Do tanning beds put you at risk for melanoma?

Melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancers, is becoming dangerously more common — especially among women under age 40. The increase is being linked to widespread use of tanning beds.


Dark side of the sun

UC Irvine skin disorder specialist Dr. Janellen Smith stresses that people — especially in sun-worshipping Southern California — should be aware of the health risks associated with prolonged sun exposure and take proper precautions.

baby with facial stain birthmark

Port-wine stain masters

UC Irvine dermatologists and the Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic lead the way in research and the treatment of vascular birthmarks.


Stopping cancer before it starts

UC Irvine Health dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists and pathologists have created a unique pigmented lesion program for patients at risk of developing skin cancers.